• October 18, 2022

Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple History

Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple History

The legend of Ujjain’s transformation from Avantika to a city devoted to Lord Shiva, particularly in the form of Mahakal, is a captivating tale rich in devotion and divine intervention.

According to the Puranas, Ujjain was initially known as Avantika and was celebrated for its beauty and spiritual significance. It served as a prominent center for the study of holy scriptures, attracting students from various regions. The story unfolds with a devout ruler named Chandrasen, who ardently worshipped Lord Shiva.

A pivotal moment occurred when a farmer’s boy named Shrikhar, moved by the king’s devotion, tried to join him in prayer at the palace temple. However, he was forcefully removed and sent to the outskirts of the city near the river Kshipra. Simultaneously, neighboring kings, Ripudaman and Singhaditya, decided to attack Ujjain, seizing the opportunity.

In response to the imminent threat, Shrikhar began fervently praying, and the news reached a priest named Vridhi. Alarmed by the situation, Vridhi immersed himself in prayers to Lord Shiva within the river Kshipra. The invading kings, with the assistance of the powerful demon Dushan, attacked the city, looting and assaulting the devotees.

Responding to the desperate pleas of His devotees, Lord Shiva manifested in His formidable Mahakal form and annihilated the enemies of King Chandrasen. At the earnest requests of Shrikhar and Vridhi, Lord Shiva agreed to make Ujjain His abode, becoming the principal deity of the kingdom. He took the form of a Lingam, spontaneously emerging from His divine powers and the presence of His consort, Parvati.

From that moment onward, Lord Shiva, in His manifestation as Mahakal, resided in Ujjain. He bestowed blessings upon His devotees, promising them freedom from the fear of death and diseases. Additionally, those who worshipped Him in this form were promised worldly treasures and the protection of the Lord Himself. The transformation of Ujjain into a sacred city under the divine guardianship of Mahakal stands as a testament to the power of devotion and the benevolence of the Lord.